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by  november 15, 2019 No comments is the first recruitment service in Norway with its main focus on jobseekers from the minorities. puts an emphasis on strengthening their identity, enabling them to stand up for themselves, keep their name and other visible signs of their diverse backgrounds, and take advantage of the same opportunities in the labour market as others.

Insecurity and hidden attitudes among Norwegian companies lead to discrimination and prejudice.

We think the reasons why may be:


•Lack of relationships with immigrants, socially and professionally

The problems immigrants experience in the labour market can be explained in many ways.
Some cant get their educations and skills accuired abroad , appreciated and approved.

Some don’t speak Norwegian very well, some don’t have the skills in demand, many lack networks and references some don’t know how to present themselves as jobseekers anybody would employ, many resign and live on welfare. wants to:

•Strengthen the recruitment of jobseekers with immigrant and minority background.

•Motivate the unemployed with this background to actively search for suitable employment.

•Contribute to an increase of the recruitment of those with high education, who only seldom get the jobs they are qualified for.


We provide services to both employers and employees. To employers we offer:

•Search in our CV data base


•Head hunting and recruiting services

•Subletting personell

•Counselling and advising


Employees can put their advertisements at our website, or contracting us to manage the whole or parts of the recruitment process. We deliver solutions the company wants and needs. Our expertise is education and jobskills acquired abroad.

Immigrants experience problems in the labour market. wants to increase their recruitment to Norwegian companies and public services, motivate job seekers, bolster self confidence and trust, and offer counselling. To jobseekers with immigrant and minority backgrounds we provide:

•The use of the web service – registration of applications and CVs and searches through job advertisements.

•Courses in job seeking

•Recruitment center

•Counseling and advice

We offer counselling before and after interviews, and follow – ups after employment.

We are professional and ambitious, building on a strong foundation of know-how and integrity. We work systematically, offering solutions to companies that suit their needs, finding the employees they want to hire. Our methods are adapted to the task of recruiting employees with minority backgrounds. We know the labour marked, we have access to wide reaching networks within the various minority groups. This gives us the ability to reach the interesting and interested candidates – quickly and directly.
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